Support Committee
Machete Attack on La Culebra  (August 1, 2002)

Dear Friends:

This bold and hostile entry into the headquarters of a Zapatista
autonomous municipality represents an escalation in the low-intensity
warfare against EZLN communities.  La Culebra is one of the headquarters
of Ricardo Flores Magon Autonomous Municipality.  It is located just
inside the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve and is one of the communities
surrounded by military bases, paramilitaries and is threatened with
eviction by the federal government.  CSC


Originally Published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C.
Thursday, August 1, 2002

Ricardo Flores Magón Municipality
July 31, 2002

To The Peoples of the World:

 With the true words of the men, women and children of this Autonomous
Municipality, in order to make known the violent incidents suffered by
our people, through an attack by paramilitaries.  Now there are those
who have been made victims of threats and who have been left injured by
those who always seek to destroy reason, truth, hope, dignity.  We are
speaking to you in order to denounce the movements of paramilitaries
from the town of San Antonio Escobar, with acts of provocation and
homicide attempts.

 Today, July 31, starting very early, at 7:00 AM, 40 armed
paramilitaries, with sharp objects and handguns, undertook a movement
from their town of San Antonio Escobar, passing through another 4
communities, the town of October 6, the Santa Rita Ejido and La Culebra
Ejido until they reached Sival Ejido.  They were transported in two
stolen Nissan vehicles.

 During their travels, at 9:00 AM and before they reached Sival, the
paramilitaries tried to capture a compañero who is an Authority of this
Autonomous Municipio, but the comañero managed to escape.  And so the
paramilitaries continued on until they reached Sival, in order to ask
for the state police and the federal Army.

 During the paramilitaries' return trip from Sival to San Antonio
Escobar, they went on to attack the compañeros of La Culebra Ejido with
machetes, while they were working on building the peoples' house. Seven
EZLN bases of support members from La Culebra were injured.

 These paramilitaries from San Antonio Escobar are organized and
coordinating with paramilitaries from Nueva Palestina, Busilja,
Cintalapa and Santo Domingo.  They are all under the coordination of,
and receiving support from, the military barracks at Cintalapa, with
protection from the bad government.  They are the ones who are
organizing the expulsion from the Montes Azules.

 This is our word, so that you may be made aware of these incidents
which bring us pain, but we shall continue building the dignified and
true life of our people with LIBERTY, JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY.

Autonomous Council
[signature and seal]

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