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Contents of the August Zapatista News Summary are outlined below. See our Compañero Manuel blog for the full news summary:
In Chiapas

1. EZLN Celebrates 28th Anniversary
2. The Hunger Strike Ends, Only 2 Are Released
3. Child of Hunger Strike Couple Dies  - 
4. Commission Visits Alberto Patishtán in Sinaloa Prison
5. Cocopa to Promote Indigenous Rights Law in Congress

In Other Parts of Mexico

1. Interior Minister Blake Mora Dies in Plane Crash -  
2. Complaint Against Calderón Filed in International Criminal Court for War Crimes
3. Movement For Peace Activist Murdered in Hermosillo, Mexico


In the United States

1. Pentagon Giving Contracts to Mercenaries for Mexico
2. Merida Initiative Set to Expire

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