I. The CSC has a New Blog. It is named for Compañero Manuel, like our new discussion group. We still need some web design, but we're up and posting and ready for you to check us out at:

II. Our next Cafe Companero Manuel will be on Wednesday, August 24 at 7:30 PM, 6501 Telegraph Ave, Oaktown.

III. JULY 2011 Chiapas/Zapatista News Summary now online at:

In Chiapas

1. Great News! The Bachajón 5 Are Free!
2. New Archaeological Find At Toniná Site
3. Felipe Calderón Cancels Visit to Toniná Due to Zapatista Banners
4. ORCAO "Takes Over" Land Near Toniná
5. The Famous Chiapas Historian Jan de Vos Dies

The Mexico/Guatemala Border

1. Mexican Navy Increases Border Security on Chiapas Border
2. Guatemala President Visits Mexico and Pacts Border Security Cooperation

In Other Parts of Mexico

1. Movement For Peace Meets With Mexican Congress
2. Poverty Data Released

In the US

1. Texas Executes Mexican National
2. Obama Requires Gun Dealers In States Bordering Mexico to Report Multiple Sales

To read the JULY NEWS SUMMARY, go to:

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